Help me to help cancer patients during COVID-19

Help me to help cancer patients during COVID-19

When I was in my early thirties and with two children under five, my world came crashing down. My mother was told she had months to live. She was diagnosed with aggressive ovarian cancer in its latest stages.

Twenty families will receive an ovarian cancer diagnosis today in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s nearly 2,000 families impacted in the coming months. While having such a devastating diagnosis, their distress has now increased exponentially by the current self-isolation situation and worrying about the effect of coronavirus on their treatment and care. All at a time when the NHS has never been so stretched.

Being in the vulnerable category, they may not be able to sob into the shoulder of their loved one or talk things through face-to-face with friends – or even go outside for exercise.

Target Ovarian Cancer runs a vital helpline operated by specially trained clinical nurses as well as online support services to provide much needed advice and comfort to women with ovarian cancer, their families and friends. The charity needs to keep this phenomenal service going so it can keep giving this lifeline to women who are feeling scared and lonely. Just a £17 donation means that the helpline can support one more person.

If you directly respond to this shout out from my business and use it to support any of your crisis communications and business continuity needs, we will donate the profits to the Target Ovarian Cancer Emergency Appeal. This way we can ensure that any isolated and vulnerable woman with ovarian cancer gets the support she needs.

Even if you don’t require any support in your business right now, please consider giving a donation, however small, to this amazing charity.

Find out more about what Target Ovarian Cancer is doing to help vulnerable women in the community, click here.